the club at mediterra


Extraordinary Moments, Extraordinary People


The smell of freshly mown grass. The friendly wager. The pursuit of that hole in one. The compromise of nature and nurture to create a field of dreams. 18 chances to get it right….or wrong. Every lie of the ball makes for a different experience.  The water and the sand stand ready to devour your best stroke.


The sound of seagulls being fed. (No, don’t do that.) The delighted squeals of a dolphin sighting. The hiss of the sun as it sets into the Gulf of Mexico. The pop of the umbrella as it opens to protect you from the sizzling rays. The shock of a quick dip in the coldness of the decktop pool overlooking sapphire water.


The ripple of muscle with the force of the racket’s movement. The testing of stamina. Finding a new doubles partner who goes for the net. The three-to-five-thousandths of a second when the strings connect with the ball. The razor focus of the winning mental image. What sound do you hear when you hit a tennis ball?  Pock, thwack or thwonk?


The savoring of fresh, grilled, wild caught fish. The wine pairing that picks up a nuance in the wagyu tri-tip otherwise unnoticed. The cascade of the pour.  Culinary arts excite all the senses at once…the visual art of presentation, the taste of smoke is mainly in the smell, the mouthfeel sensations of a perfectly prepared favorite dish, the heat and sound of the sizzle.


The clang of the weights as they are dismissed from use. The lengthening of muscle. The whir of the spin bike. The stretch of a dancer-like pilates practice. The energy of a nutritrious cleansing. The zen of meditation. The balance of a perfect yoga pose. The thrill of being truly fit.


The real Mediterra is a synchronicity of friendship and special moments. Life's moments. The ones that take your breath away, the ones that have you laughing so hard you’re crying and the ones that inspire.  Moments that bring you serenity because in every single moment there is the opportunity to be fully present, grateful that you are where you are. You are at Mediterra.

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